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No matter what the job, RPM offers a tool, gauge or gadget to make the task easier. RPM offers a wide range of Pit Box Tools to help any R/C car enthusiast get back on the track quicker. The Tool section has been divided into several categories to help you find the right tool faster. Simply select a category on the left to be taken to the corresponding section.
The RPM Bearing Blaster - The Ultimate Bearing Cleaning Device!RPM's tools not only help make bench top jobs easier, some actually save you money! The RPM Bearing Blaster will pay for itself by extending the life of those expensive bearings, while our Shock Body & Cap Wrenches will save your shocks from damage during routine maintenance. The RPM Crystal Case will protect your investment in multiple transmitter and receiver crystals while the RPM Pinion Case keeps your extensive line of pinion gears under bulletproof RPM protection in your tool box. 
If you've ever tried to make accurate adjustments to camber, toe or ride height, then you should check into an RPM gauge. RPM offers Ride Height RPM Camber GaugeGauges in both inch and metric scales that make accurate ride height adjustments possible. Using RPM's Toe-In Gauge is the only sure-fire way to achieve precise toe-in adjustments while knowing exactly how much toe-in is in the front of the car or truck. Exact camber adjustments are also made
possible with the RPM Camber Gauge. Check out the Gauges section for more information on these must-have items.

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