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Summit, Revo & e-Revo Extended Rear A-arms  

ESC Cage for the Traxxas VXL-3S ESC  

Summit, Revo & E-Revo Front A-arms  

LCG Front Bulkhead for the Slash 4x4 & Rally  


Also fits the Revo & e-Revo)Summit & Revo Extended Rear A-arms
Summit & Revo Extended Rear A-arms






We have received numerous requests for a set of extended rear A-arms to fit the Traxxas Summit and Revo. When you speak, RPM listens. As a result of your requests, our extended rear A-arms for the Traxxas Summit and Revo are now available.

RPM extended rear A-arms are designed around our already solid and proven Revo rear A-arm design. That means you get an ultra lightweight set of A-arms that are nearly indestructible! Each set of RPM extended rear A-arms incorporates all stock geometry including options for either a 10mm or 19mm extension.

Summit & Revo Extended Rear A-armsSummit & Revo Extended Rear A-arms






All RPM molded products are backed by our limited lifetime warranty against breakage and are molded in black or blue. For unmatched performance, reliability you can trust and unmatched durability, you can’t go wrong with a set of RPM A-arms installed on your ride!

Tech Notes: RPM Extended Rear A-arms are replacements for Traxxas stock #5333R. 6mm bumper mount spacers (not included) and M3 x 16mm screws (not included) may be necessary if installing these in place of standard wheelbase a-arms. Please review the installation instructions at the link below for technical information regarding the installation of these a-arms.

70432 Summit, Revo & E-Revo Extended Left Rear A-arms - Black
70435 Summit, Revo & E- Revo Extended Left Rear A-arms - Blue
70482 Summit, Revo & E-Revo Extended Right Rear A-arms - Black
70485 Summit, Revo & E-Revo Extended Right Rear A-arms - Blue

#7043_ & #7048_ Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail Price
$14.95 / set

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Black ESC Cage for the VXL-3S ESCAn interesting design idea came in from RPM customer Ryan K. for an electronic speed controller (ESC) cage to help protect and retain the Traxxas VXL-3S ESC (Traxxas #3355X). We were shocked to discover that the primary speed controller shipped with most Traxxas VXL brushless systems has two tiny mounting tabs holding it in place. After some quick research, we found these tabs break Blue ESC Cage for the VXL-3S ESCoff quite often, leading to potential damage of a $220 (SRP) speed control.


Our solution is a simple, yet strong and effective one. We eliminated the use of the two undersized mounting tabs on the ESC in favor of a complete cage system that solidly locks it in place. Our ESC Cage is the most effective, durable and best protection for your speed control possible. By completely surrounding and capturing the VXL-3S ESC, damage from broken tabs and ejection Black ESC Cage for the VXL-3S ESCfrom the vehicle has been completely eliminated.


The RPM VXL-3S ESC Cage works perfectly even if one or both mounting tabs have already been broken or cut off! Now there is no reason to rely on unpredictable adhesives or zip ties to protect and retain your speed controller when our ESC Cage will lock it in place with 100% confidence each and every time!


Black ESC Cage for the VXL-3S ESCEach RPM ESC Cage is made from our incredibly strong, ultra lightweight blend of engineering grade nylons and factory-backed by our industry-leading limited lifetime warranty. RPM molded products are made with pride in the USA!


Tech Notes: RPM VXL-3S ESC Cages are designed for the original Traxxas VXL-3S ESC (Traxxas #3355X) only. It is not compatible with newer versions of the VXL-3S ESC (Traxxas #3355R). Check your vehicle's manual to verify which version you have. While our ESC Cage will fit a variety of applications, they have been tested and only guaranteed to fit the following vehicles in stock form only – Stampede 4x4, Slash 4x4, Slash 2wd & Rally. Also fits the following vehicles as long as Traxxas #3725 Mounting Plate (stock item on VXL models) is used – Rustler, Stampede 2wd & Bandit.

70602 Black ESC Cage for Traxxas VXL-3S ESC
70605 Blue ESC Cage for Traxxas VXL-3S ESC

Suggested Retail
$9.95 ea.

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RPM Summit & Revo Blue Front Left A-armsIn response to repeated customer demands, we have a set of front left A-arms now available for the Traxxas Summit. Our front right A-arms for the Traxxas Revo (reference RPM #80212 & #80215) are already compatible with the Summit but due to the extended T-Lock differential on the left side, our Revo front left A-arms would not fit. That is no longer an issue with these A-arms. With a revamped cross-brace to clear the T-Lock differential, our Summit front left A-arms will allow full RPM Summit & Revo Black Front Left A-armssuspension travel and significantly improve overall suspension durability.

RPM front A-arms for the Traxxas Summit are molded from our indestructible blend of engineering grade nylons for unmatched performance and durability. Every RPM molded part in manufactured in the USA and carries with it a limited lifetime warranty against breakage. If you’re tired of replacing broken stock parts over and over, give RPM a try.

70372 Summit, Revo & E-Revo Front Left A-arms - Black
70375 Summit, Revo & E- Revo Front Left A-arms - Blue
80212 Summit, Revo & E-Revo Front Right A-arms - Black
80215 Summit, Revo & E-Revo Front Right A-arms - Blue

Suggested Retail Price
$14.95 / set

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Blue Slash 4x4 & Rally LCG Front BulkheadDesigned from the ground up, the RPM Low Center of Gravity front bulkhead for the Traxxas Slash 4x4 & 1/10th scale Rally is here to solve several key issues reported to RPM by our customers. First, we split our design into two pieces, making maintenance a much simpler task. With the RPM design, the front end of the vehicle can be removed without having to remove the bellcranks. Simply remove the two tie rod screws at the spindle block and the steering system stays with the chassis.

Black Slash 4x4 & Rally LCG Front BulkheadWe’ve included several modifications that help keep the steering system remain cleaner as well. The first and most noticeable improvement comes from a pair of side dirt shields that blend with the chassis and help protect the steering servo / bellcrank area from debris kicked up by the front wheels. We’ve also sealed the bottom of the bulkhead so debris can no longer enter from below.

Each RPM LCG bulkhead is manufactured from our bulletproof blend of engineering grade nylons and is supported by our limited lifetime breakage warranty for stress-free performance you can count on.

Tech Notes: RPM bulkheads for the LCG Slash 4x4 & 1/10th scale Rally replace stock Traxxas #7430. These bulkheads will not work on the standard chassis version of either the Slash 4x4 or Stampede 4x4.

73562 Black Slash 4x4 & Rally LCG Front Bulkhead
73565 Blue Slash 4x4 & Rally LCG Front Bulkhead

Suggested Retail

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